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Happier employees create organizational win-wins – they are more productive, increase customer loyalty and improve bottom lines. -Pamela Gail Johnson

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We want to help leaders CARE more with our monthly Happier @ Work Leadership Newsletter. And, we want to send you 5 Recognition Certificates you can use anytime to show your TEAM how much you do CARE

What Other Happier @ Work Leaders Are Saying

Secret nick-name email made me laugh. I gave myself a non-secret nickname, asking to be called Claire (as in Clairvoyant) since I knew my boss was going to do something that he promised he would NOT do!

Barb (Claire) Mac Geiss

Administrative Manager | SiMPore.com

I am in charge of our work culture committee, and Happier @ Work not only gives me ideas, but it also helps boost my mood, so I can continue to support my team!


Duke University | NC

I love Happier @ Work. It’s a regular discussion topic at our staff meetings to get staff thinking differently and more positively. We also use it to plan little pick me ups throughout the month. It is a wonderful tool that has improved my skills as a supervisor and our team as a whole.

Thank you for all your hard work on this and congratulations on your continued successes.


Controller | ME

Finding a Happier@Work email in my inbox brings a smile. It keeps me aware of new ideas to help make our workplace a happier one. My team laugh together a lot and our work is stronger for it. Thank you, Happier@Work.


Children’s & Women’s Hospital | Vancouver, BC

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