Meet Pamela Gail Johnson

Speaker • Author • Happiness Advocate

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Research confirms that happier employees make better team members. They’re more engaged, productive, and innovative. They are also healthier and more loyal. This benefits their employer’s bottom line in many tangible and intangible ways.

This is the reason why Society of Happy People founder, author, and Practical Happiness Advocate, Pamela Gail Johnson, has spent more than two decades speaking, coaching, and writing about happiness in the workplace.

Oftentimes organizations know why it’s important to create a happier workplace environment, they just don’t know HOW to go about doing that.

That’s where Pamela’s unique approach to Organizational Happiness comes in. Every organization has their own very special culture. Pamela creates a customized path that helps a company shape their macro-culture while connecting each of the micro-cultures that support it in ways that are practical and easily integrated.

I am the Practical Happiness Advocate for organizations that struggle with employee engagement, burnout, and retention.


Pamela is the author of Practical Happiness: Four Principles to Improve Your Life. These principles can help everyone experience more happiness by redefining happiness and managing the experiences that zap it.

Her Practical Happiness @ Work programs use these same principles to help organizations create happier micro and macro-cultures.

Pamela has been interviewed by many media outlets including the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN..

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