Happiness begins with a happiness mindset.

Pamela Gail Johnson
Keynote & Motivational Speaker


My goals when I speak at your event are to:

• Inspire your audience by giving them something new to think about
• Motivate your audience to put something they learned into action

As the founder of the Society of Happy People, formerly known as the Secret Society of Happy People, I’ve inspired and motivated thousands of people to be happier, more optimistic and positive for more than two decades.

I’ve spoken and trained professionally for most of my career so I know how to tailor a message for your audience.

Event Planners: During my career, I’ve organized hundreds of events, so I understand that you not only need someone who will “WOW” your audience, but who’s also reliable, responsive and can adjust when the unexpected happens — basically, someone who’ll make your job easy and that’s me! 🙂




We can customize your presentation
for your meeting or event…

Activate Your Micro-Culture: Impactful Inside Out Leadership

Micro-cultures are created by individual team leaders regardless of the bigger organizational culture.

Since most employees experience their micro-culture daily, it’s as important and impactful as an organizations overall culture.

Inside out micro-culture leadership empowers leaders to create micro-cultures that value human capital, empathy and problem-solving.

Pamela’s interactive, insightful and motivational presentation will help leaders create micro-cultures that increase productivity, engagement, and results.


Actionable Takeaways Include: 

  • Defining Macro and Micro Organizational Cultures
  • Identifying Impactful Micro-Culture Components
  • Activating a Mirco-Culture that Inspires, Motivates and Energizes

Motivated Me: The Difference Between Success & So-So

Motivation is one of the controllable factors that determines if we’re successful or if we settle for being so-so.

Although motivation is often triggered by outside sources, sustained motivation happens from within.

Motivated employees inspire innovation, create successful customer relationships and build engaged workplaces.

Pamela’s interactive, engaging, and fun presentation helps participants find their inner “motivated me” so they can rise above so-so to increase their successes.


Actionable Takeaways Include:

  • Managing De-Motivators
  • Increasing Motivators
  • Balancing Motivation Reality

Practical Happiness: ReThink Happiness

What is Practical Happiness?

Its realistic happiness based on the Practical Happiness Principles:

  • Happiness Zappers Can be Managed
  • Happiness is Personal
  • Happiness Changes as You Change
  • Happiness is Bigger Than You Think

Practical Happiness helps you re-think happiness so you can create a happiness mindset that allows you to live a happier, more meaningful and successful life.

In her energetic, inspiring, and engaging speaking style, Pamela shares four Practical Happiness Principles that she identified to help everyone experience more, yet, realistic happiness.


Actionable Takeaways Include:

  • Defining Practical Happiness
  • Managing Happiness Zappers
  • Expanding Your Definition of Happiness

What People Say After Hearing Pamela Speak…

AtlantiCare School Wellness Grant Workshop
Stephanie W  |  Principal – Tuckerton Elementary

On behalf of AtlantiCare Healthy Schools, Healthy Children we want to again thank you for providing a presentation at our School Wellness Grant Workshop. You brightened up the day and shared great insight and ideas, so others can continue to recognize and share happiness.

Amy Hogan

AtlantiCare Healthy Schools

  • I liked that the training was very interactive.
  • Liked the Happiness Counter handout.
  • Enthusiasm of presenter. Great Material
  • I liked learning about different techniques to manage chaos and stress.
  • It makes you focus and consider happier options.
  • I liked her upbeat tone. She made it enjoyable and engaging.
  • Great analogies and participation.
  • Got the group smiling – Always good.
  • Fun, informative, great tools given, feel more confident about trying to change.
  • Strong speaker; Good at engaging the audience.
  • Upbeat! Helpful tips to be happier at work.
  • Fresh perspective on how many ways one can be happy!


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