The Burnout Bounce Back:
ReStore, ReEvaluate, ReEngage

Ideal Audience:  Leaders, Employee Events, Sales People, Customer Service Representatives, Healthcare, Education, Organization Support Teams, Health & Wellness Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Industry Conferences


Available Formats: Keynote (Virtual or In-Person); Breakout Session


Program Description:

Burnout was picked as the number one engagement challenge by 77% of leaders and HR pros in a recent survey I conducted.

When leaders and team members feel uninspired by everything, it harms employee engagement, productivity, and wellness.

The World Health Organization classifies burnout as a workplace problem – however, burnout has ripple effects. When you’re burnt out out at work, it impacts your personal life. And if your personal life is burning you out, that feeling comes to work with you.

While it is easy to think that taking a vacation or practicing self-care cures burnout, that’s only a Band-Aid for a more complex challenge.

Pamela’s unique program helps your most valuable asset, your people, ReStore, so they can ReEvaluate, then ReEngage.


Program Objectives:

After this program, attendees will be able to…

  • Recognize the signs of burnout
  • Identify the sources of their personal burnout
  • ReStore by recognizing what re-energizes them
  • ReEvaluate how to manage the experiences that zap their energy
  • ReEngage with an inspired, motivated, and productive mindset
  • Create a unique plan to manage the cycle of burnout


This Program is Best Paired With:

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Marci Shimoff

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“As a tour guide on the journey to happiness, Pamela Gail Johnson is good company. And more importantly, she knows the way. Practical Happiness is warm and wise and worth your time.”

David Niven, Ph.D.

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“If happiness is a habit, practicing Pamela Gail Johnson’s principles are the roadmap to more fulfillment and wellbeing. Her book is full of real stories about real people putting her strategies into practice for a happier work and home life.”

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MJ Ryan

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Pamela’s Reviews…

  • I liked that the training was very interactive.
  • Liked the Happiness Counter handout.
  • Enthusiasm of presenter. Great Material
  • I liked learning about different techniques to manage chaos and stress.
  • It makes you focus and consider happier options.
  • I liked her upbeat tone. She made it enjoyable and engaging.
  • Great analogies and participation.
  • Got the group smiling – Always good.
  • Fun, informative, great tools given, feel more confident about trying to change.
  • Strong speaker; Good at engaging the audience.
  • Upbeat! Helpful tips to be happier at work.
  • Fresh perspective on how many ways one can be happy!
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